Pregnancy & Maternity Photography

Every bump is beautiful and every pregnancy is unique. Celebrate this new chapter in your journey through life by capturing the moment in a series of beautiful images from your own maternity photography session.

You may want to celebrate your new shape along with your partner – or surprise him with the finished photos. Either way I will tailor the lighting and poses to match your vision.

Subtle editing and polishing of the final shots is all part of the package, so you can have every confidence in your new shape.

Prior to every maternity photo shoot I offer a free consultation to discuss your requirements. You are welcome to take a look around the studio – it’s important that you feel 100% comfortable and relaxed during your session.

For a maternity photo shoot I suggest you book for around the seventh or eighth month when you have a nice round belly but are still feeling good. (Towards the end of your pregnancy you may feel very tired and have difficulty moving easily.) It is a good idea to schedule your shoot three to four weeks ahead of this time.

Nudity is a personal option and is available in any session in the most discreet nature.

Justine’s Maternity Photography